SWISS Ultrafast Lasers and Optical Systems

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TLD Photonics designs and manufactures high-end Lasers and optical systems for industry and research. Our strong ties to leading swiss universities allow us to develop groundbreaking products and through the extensive industrial experience of our team, we ensure that the real-world applications remain at the core our developments. Our vision is to offer our customers cutting edge solutions for every element of industrial laser applications.   


Through our modular desing, we are able to deliver custom spec femto lasers with short lead times 

Swiss Made

Our products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland 


We completely rethought the optomechanical design of Lasers. Giving us superior stability. 

TLD Seeder

Our seeders are designed based on newest designs and innovation. Combining industrial reliability with high power at a competitive price.

Available from 50.000 €

Femto Second Seeder

Our Models 


Ytterbium Oscillator

Average Power:       4W
Pulslength:               <250 fs
Wavelength:           1030 nm
Frequency:              80 MHz
M2:                            < 1.2


  • Multiphoton Microscopy

  • Ultrafast spectroscopy

  • Seeding amplifiers


TiSa Oscillator

Average Power:       200 mW
Pulslength:               <100 fs
Wavelength:          800 nm
Frequency:              80 MHz
M2:                            < 1.2


  • Multiphoton Microscopy

  • Ultrafast spectroscopy

  • THZ generation


Scanner-Laser Synchro

The sophisticated FPGA-based synchronization electronic Synchro for galvanometer scanner serves highest accuracy enabling very demanding ultrashort pulse micromachining processes like ultrafast stamping, deep engraving and multipulse drilling on the fly with maximal scanning speeds. Even standard ablation processes can usually be optimized in process time and quality by the Synchro, since a micrometer precise pulse positioning with scanning speeds of 10s of meters per second in a multi MHz pulse drain is possible by this technology.

90% Development

First Stage YB Amplifier

Compact, industrial-grade amplifier for variety of industrial and scientific applications, including consumer electronics, micromachining, as well as ultrafast spectroscopy.  

60% Development

Second Stage YB Amplifier

The high power (70 W) Yb femtosecond amplifier features flexible pulse repetition rates (kHz to 10s of MHz), which enable high throughput material processing applications including 3D surface structuring, micromachining, glass cutting, to name a few.

37% Development

High Speed Rotary Optics

More information shortly

55% Development

High Performance OCT

More Information shortly

20% Development

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TLD Photonics is a Spin-Off of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland and Bern University of Applied Sciences